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Welcome to the PSI BCC Catalogue.

This DVD and/or website provides a catalogue of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials that have been developed by PSI’s Country Offices, addressing a variety of health issues. Included in the catalogue are mass media and interpersonal communication materials.  While the catalogue is predominantly focused on HIV/AIDS materials, it also includes materials addressing malaria prevention, safe water, and family planning. The catalogue is intended to promote the sharing of knowledge among PSI staff and to share PSI’s experience with external audiences.

The information on this DVD provides information on each step of BCC campaign development and should be used as a guide. It provides research summaries, creative briefs, and post-test results for many materials in order to document the process used in developing and evaluating behavior change campaigns.

Taking advantage of this information, PSI country programs can learn from the experience of others and increase the quality and impact of their campaigns without duplicating efforts.

The catalogue is available online at, or on DVD.
If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to

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